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I'm Julee. Yep, that’s a double “e” there, no “i”, thanks to my Dad!

I live with my husband, Russ, in central coast California about an hour south of San Francisco in a little town called Hollister. No, we are not affiliated with that clothing line, but we do host a large motorcycle rally that’s been happening since the 1930s every 4th of July weekend. 

My fresh, unique patterns are perfect for just about anything from clothing to home décor and everything in between. They usually start with a quickly doodled idea and from there I create the pattern either digitally or by painting. I love trying different techniques so my patterns might be hand-drawn, painted with gouache watercolor or created in CorelDraw or Procreate with a little Photoshop thrown in for good measure.

My portfolio is an eclectic variety of subject matter. I love florals, Art Deco, geometrics and more. My favorites tend to be the ones I create in time crunches! I’ve recently learned I get the most pleasure from creating designs that are loose, playful and modern. There’s nothing more satisfying than a design that just flows out of your mind, through your fingers and onto the page.
Photo of Julee Annette Wood
Gray, gold and white wonky circular shapes on gray background
Hand-drawn cat heads, mice and fish skeletons on a red background
Cartoon drawing of Russ Cat
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